Kyoto station

I went to kyoto station today. It was the first time to go there after being renewed. The station combines department store called ISETAN. It has a long escalator looks like reaching to the sky.



Have you ever done any gambles? Horse race, Auto race, Pachinko, Mah-jongg, Cards(Poker). Some of them are illegal in Japan. I somethimes bet on a horse race but couldn't pay back money enouth. I don't like Pachinko taking much time. I've a bad imagine of Pahinko parlour. Everyone plays Pachinko smokes and get angly easily. I used to play Mah-jongg on the TV games. It was difficult for me to get its rules. How to make patternes of "Yaku", calcurate "Yaku"'s score.



I went to Shinsaibashi last night. It's one of most densty place in Osaka. I met a friend of mine for the first time in more than six years. She was still beautiful enough to attract me. I had a good time with her. I ate a strawberry crape for the first time in a decade. On the way home form Shinsaibash, I found a baggage forgotten on a train bound for Matsuiyamate. I pick it up and bring it to the station staff.


I'm looking for

I've been between jobs for more than three months and can't still find what I wanna do. I entered a campany more than ten years ago when I graduated my university. I'm not good at analyze myself. So I tend to decide what I'm going to do without my desire. May I ask you how to find your job or what you'd like to do?



I had diarrhea night of day before yesterday. I woundered what made me into trouble? I ate something bad to my stomach? Triyng to look back what's wrong. Ice cream??・・・No. Fried eggs??・・・No. Too much drink apple juice??・・・???. Provably this one. I think I had better keep me away from it.