waking up at 5:30 this morning, I felt something strange or heavy in my stomache. I went to the bathroom and tried to poop, but nothing came down. This feelings continued about half an hour. Fortunately or unfortunately, I fell asleep obliviously. When I woke up again at 8:40, the pain has gone somewhere.



I bought two books the other day on the NET. One of them is concerning about TOEFL. I've never tried the exam but I have curiosity on it. The other is kind of a mystely story "THE DA VINCI CODE". Have you read this title? I've just started reading some pages. Then I found that there are several French words on it. These words annoy me even if I suffer from some English words.


aromatic substance

I put some aromatic balls that usually placed on men's public toilet on the bathroom tap at my house. I went to the bathroom for first time since I left them, they gave off strong fragrance. I wounder if I should take them off or not.


horse race

Yesterday, in Japan, one of the biggest horse races was held. The race name was "TAKARAZUKA KINEN". "TAKARAZUKA" is the city in Hyogo prefecture that is located in next to Osaka. Osaka was resently reported as the highest prices city after Tokyo. I bet on the race total 20 bucks. After the race 20 bucks turned into $50. I thought I could have bet more money.


bank account

I applied for new bank account to so-called Internet Bank. Do you have any bank account on the Internet? There are five or six banks in Japan that provide their service to us only through the web site. Why only through the Internet? The answer is costs. They haven't to pay lent. They could reduce payment. So they can supply higher interest than previous ones.



I study English almost everyday using some e-zines. I sometimes wouder if it's really effective. I subscrive more than 50 merumagas concerning English. Some of them teach me how to write English sentences, others are questions for TOEIC and the others are some article of newspaper with Japanese translation.


rotten fish

I found shishamo smelt rotten in the fridge. I bought them a couple of mounths ago. I checked their expiration date, that was 27th April,Woo. Why didn't I eat them at least in April, I asked myself but the answer came up my mind. I just could say "forgot". By the way, from expiration date, how many days are OK for you to eat food?



I had a call that requires me to fax some reports to NAGOYA office in which a man calls me. I don't have a fax machine as well as a telephone line. So, I went to a convinience store nere my place. There is a fax machine in the shop. I used it to sent documents he asked to me. But I was suprised when I found that it costed me one hundred and half yen. Can you beleive that? I thought I wouldn't like to use it because of high payment.


at seto city

I had a part-time job at seto city. It was to sell digital cameras to custermers. I was too premature to introduce these items because of my lacking knowlege about them. And the shop's systems I worked today were complicated for beginner like me. I hadn't known for a while what should I do when I got a order form buyer.



Today, I'm airing out my futons to have them comfortable and remove microbes ,dust and you name it. So tonigt I could take a good night sleep. How many times do you air out your futons? I live on my own. Oppotunities to hang out them are less for me.



Yesterday around 11:00, I felt a tiny earthquake. But there were any news about it. I thought it was my imagination? It's very fine weather today. I'm going to donate my blood. Did you know that blood donation has two type of its ways. One of them is so-called blood donation. It's simply get one's blood from one's body. The other is An ingredient donation. It requires two ingredients of blood, blood plasma and blood platelet. I have no idea what these are doing for. We can give one of them at one time. And it takes half or three quarters hours with needle. But you can see TV, DVDs or BOOKs while donating and all you drink are free. Unfortunetely there are no alcohol. Have you ever done it? If you haven't, why don't you try it.



Yesterday, I found that a catv I'm subscribing have provided some new tv stations since the beginning of this month. One of them is FOX, amarican tv station that provides famous programs in U.S. I saw 24 seson2 last night and Ally Mcbeal this morning on FOX. I'm fan of these stories. I should've known of existace of these earlier.


get up at 10:00

I got up at 10:30 this morning. I went to bed at 23:30 last night. Let's calculate them. The answer how long I slept yesterday was 11 hours. I don't know what to say about this result. It's too long, isn't it? I slept approximately harf of the day. What a wasting of time! I don't have any health problems.



I bought PC memories that capacities are 512MB a memory. These cost me about 9,000 yen($90). I installed them on my PC. So the responses of applications are imploved.



I had a curry at coco1 restaurant with my co-workers yesterday. One of us orderd "5kara" curry. "5kara" means level of hot. That's middle one. I usually eat a curry with "1kara". It's very enough for me. I couldn't believe what he orderd. When our dishes arrived, only his one had different coular from the others. I tried his curry a bit. It was pretty spicy and I thought I would never try this one. Don't his taste and stomach have something wrong?


hellow !

My name is Jyuichi. I'm Japamese male. This is first time for me to have a blog site. I'm in trouble what should I write. I wanna study English more but don't have oppotunity to do. I read a e-zine that reccomend us that we english learner start having our own blog today. That's why I'm writting now. Thank you for seeing my blog.